The Box


Enter 2020: We're all stuck in a pandemic, and suddenly... WHAM, I'm a teacher. I was standing on my head trying to keep my kids occupied and off the screens when I met up with a dear friend who happens to be a teacher. (Thank heavens for teachers, seriously.)

We started creating fun activities for our gaggle of children and to our (and their) delight - they were obsessed. I spent a lot of time on the internet curating sensory boxes and ideas for learning fun when a lightbulb went off: I bet other parents are in the same boat and are desperate for some help. 

The Bloom Box is many things. Sensory play, pretend play, craft box, and more. We've carefully developed each box to promote maximum learning and fun... and we think they're pretty cute, too! 

Think of this as the Pinterest board you made but never saw again. We've brought it to life in a way that is convenient and fun for your little people. BONUS points if it means they stop asking for snacks for a bit, am I right? 

 From Bloom HQ to your kitchen table, we hope this brings some light + fun in this uncertain time. 

Love, fun, and learning,